Tribe Hall

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The Tribe Hall

The Tribe Hall is the meeting hall for the three tribes of Snowdwell. It was built at the base of the mountain, left of the Pet House and airship platform.

It is unlocked by default, and contains information on the tribes that player has unlocked as well as the challenge to unlock the next one.


There are three total tribes a player can unlock. They must be unlocked in sequence, meaning one must unlock the second tribe before the challenge for the third is discovered.

Tribe Challenge
Snowdwellers Unlocked by default
Shademancers Kill 100 enemies
Clunkmasters Deal 1000 damage

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Bù luò dà tīng
Bù luò yì shì tīng
Korean 부족 회관
Bujok Hoegwan
Japanese 部族の広間
Buzoku no Hiroma