Icebreaker Cabin

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The Icebreaker Cabin

The Icebreaker Cabin is a building in Snowdwell inhabited by Charles. It is the building in the middle, above the Tribe Hall. The player is able to examine unlocked events that can happen during runs and find the challenge to unlock the next one.


Challenge requirement: Spend 500 Blings

The challenge to finish construction is always available and can be completed at any time. Players who are skilled enough, or informed of the challenge, can unlock the building as early as the tutorial run. Once constructed, the challenge to unlock the second pet will be revealed and able to be unlocked.

Map Events

The Icebreaker Cabin can be used to unlock 3 different map events. In each run, the player may choose to interact with them. As with other buildings in Snowdwell, the events must be unlocked in sequence. This means the current challenge must be completed before a new one is discovered.

Image Name Challenge
MapShadeSculptor.png Shade Sculptor Gain 50 Bling from a Single battle
MapCharmShop.png Charm Merchant Kill 15 Enemies with Shroom
MapGnomeTraveller.png Gnome Traveller Feed the Muncher 5 Times

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Pòbīng zhě Xiǎowū
Pòbīng zhě Mùwū
Korean 쇄빙사의 집
Swaebingsaui Jip
Japanese 砕氷士の家
Saihyou Samurai no Ie