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The Frostoscope is an observatory that is built in the highest parts of Snowdwell. It can be found at the peak of town, to the right of the Challenge Shrine.

Through the Frostoscope, the player can find and examine what the final encounter consists of. This includes the initial boss card and supporting cards. It is helpful in planning the next run and knowing what build one needs to build to become victorious.


Challenge requirement: Beat the Eye of the Storm

After a player defeats the Frost Guardian at the end of any run, Snowdwell builds the Frostoscope in response. Its construction completes immediately - it does not have a construction "phase" like other buildings. It can also appear regardless of how many other buildings have been constructed.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
Bīng shuāng wàng yuǎn jìng
Bīng shuāng wàng yuǎn jìng
Korean 서리관측소
Japanese 寒気観測所
Samuke Kansokujo