Hot Spring

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The Hot Spring

The Hot Spring is a location that can be built in Snowdwell. It's the fourth structure in the town, and is found above the Tribe Hall on the middle-left cliff of town. A players can examine unlocked Companions and the challenge available for the next one.

Erena runs the Hot Springs, and claims that people from all over the land are attracted to the soothing effects of the spring water.


Challenge requirement: Gain 50 from a single battle

Snowdwell's Hot Spring is the third new addition to the town. It starts construction when the Inventor's Hut is completed. After it is constructed, players may begin unlocking new companions.


The Hot Spring is where players can unlock up to six new Companions. When unlocked, these companions may be found in any future run. The tribe of the leader does not matter, these companions always have a chance to show up. These companions must be unlocked in sequence, like the other buildings in town. This means the current challenge must be completed before the next one is discovered.

Image Card Name Challenge
Snobble Equip 10 Charms
Jumbo Deal 10 damage to your own team
Tiny Tyko.png
Tiny Tyko Achieve a 4x kill combo
Bombom Use to kill 20 enemies
Van Jun.png
Van Jun Summon 50 Allies
Alloy Add 10 to Clunkers