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Bells are effects that add extra rules to the game. Active Bells appear in the top left corner, and hovering over them explains their effects. Bells can have positive and negative effects, sometimes both.

Sun Bells

Sun Bells can be obtained after defeating a boss (not a miniboss). After defeating each boss, the player takes exactly 2 rewards from a random set of Sun Bells and Charms:

  • The first boss gives 3 Sun Bells, 2 Charms, and a Crown to choose from.
  • The second boss gives 3 Sun Bells and 2 Charms to choose from.
  • The third boss gives 4 Sun Bells to choose from.
Image Bell Name Description Notes
Sun Bell of Hands.png Sun Bell of Hands Card Draw +1 Draw 7 cards when drawing a hand, instead of 6.
Sun Bell of Fellowship.png Sun Bell of Fellowship Companion Limit and Charm Limit +1 The team may have up to 4 Companions at once, instead of 3. Additionally, all Companions may have up to 4 Charms at once, instead of 3.
Sun Bell of the Bell.png Sun Bell of the Bell Redraw Bell Counter -1 The Redraw Bell's counter resets to 3 when rung, instead of 4.
Sun Bell of Health.png Sun Bell of Health Leader Health +6 The Leader immediately gains +6 Health.png health.
Sun Bell of Time.png Sun Bell of Time Enemy Wave Bell Counter +1 Enemy waves take +1 turn longer to arrive.
Sun Bell of Recall.png Sun Bell of Recall Recalling a Companion will count down the Redraw Bell by 2 When a Companion is recalled (not a Clunker), the Redraw Bell counts down by 2.
Sun Bell of Charge.png Sun Bell of Charge Start each Battle with the Redraw Bell fully charged The Redraw Bell starts the battle fully charged, allowing for 1 free redraw at the start of each battle.
File:Noomlin Sun Bell.png Noomlin Sun Bell Add Noomlin to 2 random cards in your deck 2 random cards in the deck immediately gain Noomlin.
File:Sun Bell of Strength.png Sun Bell of Strength Add +2 Attack.png Attack to all eligible Items in your deck All Items in the deck with 0 or more Attack.png attack immediately gain +2 Attack.png attack. This does not apply to Items obtained afterwards.
File:Breakfast Sun Bell.png Breakfast Sun Bell The first Consume card played each battle is not Consumed The first time each battle that the player plays a card with Consume, the card is discarded as normal instead of being Consumed.
File:Infinity Sun Bell.png Infinity Sun Bell Draw a card each turn while the Redraw Bell is charged As long as the Redraw Bell is charged, the player draws 1 card at the beginning of each turn.

Sun Bell Interactions

Like Charms, Sun Bells that have instant effects (such as the Sun Bell of Health and Sun Bell of Strength) are applied to the relevant card(s) immediately, and those changes will not be reapplied or recalculated whenever those cards are modified in the future. For instance, if the player's Leader gains 6 Health.png Health from the Sun Bell of Health and then becomes equipped with the Sunglass Charm.pngSunglass Charm, the Leader's max health will still be reduced to 1, effectively wasting the Sun Bell of Health. Similarly, the Sun Bell of Strength does not retroactively apply for any damaging Items obtained later; it only increases the Attack.png attack of cards that were in the player's deck at the time that they obtained the Sun Bell of Strength.

The player can open the inventory and attach Charms to cards while on the screen to take rewards after a boss fight. This can be very useful for random effects, such as the Noomlin Sun Bell, Jimbo Charm.pngJimbo Charm, and Mime Charm.pngMime Charm, allowing the player to pick their next reward in response to the outcome of the first.

Storm Bells

Storm Bells are unlocked after finishing a run for the first time. These can be selected while choosing a Leader and have negative effects that affect the whole run. Each Storm Bell is worth a certain number of Storm Strength Points, which limits the amount of Bells that can be active at once. This threshold starts at 5 points, but increases by 1 every time a run is beaten at the max threshold, up to 10 points.

Having 10 points worth of Storm Bells active is required for the Lumin Goop and Broken Vase to appear. Vanquishing a run with Storm Bells active gives each of them a gold frame. Having gold frames for all Storm Bells unlocks Overcrank Mode, in which all Storm Bells are active at once.

Image Bell Name Storm Strength Description Notes
Blingsnail Bell.png Blingsnail Bell 1 All shop prices are increased by 5 Bling.png Blings, and prices increase by 10 Bling.png Blings after purchasing a Crown.
Bell of Death.png Bell of Death 1 Companions become temporarily injured when they die in battle. An injured Companion's Health.png health and Attack.png attack are halved at the beginning of battle. If the player wins a battle, all injured Companions who were not killed in that battle will fully recover. There is no penalty for an injured Companion being killed again in battle; they will simply remain injured.
Titan Bell.png Titan Bell 2 Bosses and Minibosses are upgraded with Charms. Charms are picked from a limited pool unique to each enemy. See each miniboss's page for their respective Charm pool, e.g. Big Peng.png Big Peng.
File:Frosthand Bell.png Frosthand Bell 1 Some enemies in boss battles will be upgraded with Frosthand Charms. During the 3rd, 6th, and 8th combats, 2 random non-boss enemies are upgraded with a Frosthand Charm.pngFrosthand Charm, allowing each enemy to inflict 1 Frost.png Frost. On the 9th combat, 1 random enemy is upgraded instead.
Gunk Bell.png Gunk Bell 1 Gain a Gunk Fruit after each boss battle. After the 3rd, 6th, and 8th combats, the player is forced to accept a Gunk Fruit.png Gunk Fruit. Gunk Fruits are Items that have 1 Attack.png attack and Consume.
Icebourne Bell.png Icebourne Bell 2 Some enemies in the Ice Caves will be upgraded with Battle Charms. During the 4th through 6th combats, 2 random non-boss enemies are upgraded with a Battle Charm.pngBattle Charm, granting each enemy +2 Attack.png attack.
Horde Bell.png Horde Bell 2 Reduced enemy wave counter. Enemies will appear 1 round earlier, by default 4 rounds instead of 5.
Gloom Bell.png Gloom Bell 1 Some card rewards will have Cursed Charms. Cursed Charms have negative effects on the attached card and occupy one of the card's 3 Charm slots. Card rewards affected may include: Frozen Travellers, Treasure Chests, Gnome Travellers, The Woolly Snail, and the Charm Merchant.
Frostbourne Bell.png Frostbourne Bell 2 Some enemies in the Frostlands will be upgraded with Sun Charms. During the 7th and 8th combats, 2 random non-boss enemies are upgraded with a Sun Charm.pngSun Charm, granting each -1 Counter.png Counter. In the 9th combat, only 1 random enemy is upgraded instead. This cannot affect Frost Crusher, Frost Junker, or Gobling.
Gobbler Bell.png Gobbler Bell 2 Add a Gobbler to each boss battle. A Gobbler.png Gobbler is added to the 3rd, 6th, and 8th combats. Gobblers are enemies with 7 Health.png health. 1 Attack.png attack. 3 Counter.png Counter, and gain their killed allies' attack.
Tyrant Bell.png Tyrant Bell 2 Some Crowns will be cursed. Cursed Crowns cannot be removed, and reduces a card's Attack.png attack and Health.png health by 1 each if possible. Exactly 1 shop between the 2nd and 6th fights will contain a Cursed Crown. This shop is not guaranteed to be on the player's path.
Dread Bell.png Dread Bell 3 Some enemies will be upgraded with Charms. Each fight, 2 random non-boss enemies will gain a random Charm. The possible charms are Battle Charm.pngBattle Charm, Bite Charm.pngBite Charm, Block Charm.pngBlock Charm, Frog Charm.pngFrog Charm, Frosthand Charm.pngFrosthand Charm, Goat Charm.pngGoat Charm, Gnome Charm.pngGnome Charm, Lumin Ring.pngLumin Ring, Moose Charm.pngMoose Charm, Raspberry Charm.pngRaspberry Charm, Scrap Charm.pngScrap Charm, Snowball Charm.pngSnowball Charm, and Tiger Charm.pngTiger Charm.
Blood Bell.png Blood Bell 2 Your highest Health.png health card loses 2 Health.png health after each boss battle. After the end of the 3rd, 6th, and 8th combats, the active Companion or Leader with the highest Health.png health loses 2 max health.

Storm Bell Interactions

A single enemy may receive multiple Charms at once when multiple Storm Bells are active that give enemies Charms.

If a boss has two phases and gains a Charm from the Titan Bell, that Charm will only apply to its first phase. Once the boss transforms into its second phase, the Charm is lost. Note that even after Truffle.png Truffle divides with the Split ability, the new Truffles will still keep their Charm (as this is not actually a phase transition).

Modifier Bells

2-3 Modifier Bells are randomly selected every Daily Voyage from the list below and all Storm Bells. Most of them have negative or neutral effects, increasing the difficulty of Daily Voyages compared to normal runs.

Image Bell Name Description Notes
Battle Bell.png Battle Bell All companions have +1Attack.png Attack
Blingsack Bell.png Blingsack Bell Goblings drop double s
Bombskull Bell.png Bombskull Bell All friendly Clunkers have Bombskull Charms
Broken Bell.png Broken Bell Draw 3 additional cards if you hit the Redraw Bell when it is not charged
Fog Bell.png Fog Bell Some enemies will have Ooba Charms Each fight, 2 non-boss enemies, excluding Gobling and Naked Gnome will gain the charm
Frenzy Bell.png Frenzy Bell Your starting items gain x1Frenzy.png Frenzy
Frozen Heart Bell.png Frozen Heart Bell Some card rewards will have Block Charms Between each fight, this bell adds the charm to exactly 1 card reward, which is not guaranteed to be the path chosen
Goat Bell.png Goat Bell Some enemies will have Demon Eye Charms Each fight, 2 non-boss enemies will gain the charm
Gold Blade Bell.png Gold Blade Bell Combos give double s
Heart Bell.png Heart Bell All companions and enemies have +2 Health.png Health
Lumin Bell.png Lumin Bell All effects on all cards are boosted by 1
Party Bell.png Party Bell No more Companion limit!