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There are currently 16 achievements that can be unlocked in Wildfrost.

Image Name Description Unlocks
Lone Survivor.jpg Lone Survivor Win a battle with only your leader surviving. Gain the Frog Charm.
Snowball Fight.jpg Snowball Fight Stack 15 link=Snow} Snow on a target. Gain the Pengu Charm.
Big Hitter.jpg Big Hitter Deal 50 Damage on a single hit. Gain the Moose Charm.
Bigger Hitter.jpg Bigger Hitter Deal 100 Damage on a single hit. Gain the Durian Charm.
Tough Nut.jpg Tough Nut Stack 50 link=Shell} Shell on a single target. Gain the Peppernut Charm.
Ritual.jpg Ritual Sacrifice 10 Allies in a single battle. Gain the Lamb Charm.
Toxic.jpg Toxic Stack 50 link=Shroom} Shroom on a single target. Gain the Truffle Charm.
One Punch.jpg One Punch Defeat the Frost Guardian with a Scrappy Sword. Gain the Molten Egg Charm.
Icemaster.jpg Ice Master Stack 5 link=Block} Block on a single target. Gain the Block Charm.
High Roller.jpg High Roller Buy three Charms from a single shop. Gain the Greed Charm.
Gnome Friend.jpg Gnome Friend Spare the Naked Gnome. Gain the Chuckle Charm.
Long Live the King.jpg Long Live the King Survive an attack from King Moko and win. Gain the Moko Charm.
Feed the Beast.jpg Feed the Beast Feed the Muncher a item. Gain the Strawberry Charm.
Lone Survivor.jpg Balloonist Win a Daily Voyage. Gain the Raspberry Charm.
Undefeated.jpg Undefeated Achieve a 3 Win Streak. Gain the Critical Charm.
Sunbringer.jpg Sunbringer Defeat the Heart of the Storm. Gain the Spark Charm.