Gnome Traveller

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The Gnome Traveller

The Gnome Traveller is a Map event. This is the third event that can be unlocked at the Icebreaker Cabin.


Challenge requirement: Feed the Muncher 5 times.


A sneaky gnome who will give you some items for free! No strings attached! Seems too good to be true, right?


The Gnome Traveller offers 3 randomly selected Items or Clunkers, which can come from any Tribe, not just the current Leader's Tribe. The player may take any number of these cards for free. However, there is a hidden side to the Gnome Traveller's generosity: 2 of the 3 offered cards also have Junk behind them (visible as another card underneath). Taking one of these cards forces the player to also accept the Junk underneath. If the player does not want any of the cards, the Gnome Traveller may be skipped without consequence.

Uniquely, the Gnome Traveller can offer some starting cards, such as the Snowdwellers' Sun Rod. These cards are otherwise unobtainable outside of copying them with the Shade Sculptor. The cards obtainable only in this way are:

Image Card Name Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Description
Sun Rod.png
Sun Rod Count down Counter.png Counter by 2
Flamewater Increase Attack.png Attack by 1
Tar Blade.png
Tar Blade 0 Deal additional damage equal to Tar Blades in hand
JunJun Mask.png
Junjun Mask Summon Junjun
Junkhead 3 Trash 1 when hit
Flask of Ink.png
Flask of Ink 0 Apply 4 Ink.png Ink


Similarly, there are cards that the Gnome Traveller will never offer to other Tribes. These cards usually require Tribe-specific mechanics to reach their full potential. The cards that will never be offered to other Tribes are:

Image Card Name Scrap.png Scrap Attack.png Attack Description
Spice Stones.png
Spice Stones Apply 1 Spice.png Spice
Double the target's Spice.png Spice
Pepper Flag.png
Pepper Flag 1 While active, all allies retain Spice.png Spice
Fungo Blaster.png
Fungo Blaster 1 When a Shroom.png Shroom'd enemy dies, apply their Shroom.png Shroom to a random enemy
Shroominator 4 Whenever anything is Shroom.png Shroom'd, double the amount and lose 1 Scrap.png Scrap
Tiger Skull.png
Tiger Skull 0 Kill an ally
Apply 3 Teeth.png Teeth to allies in the row
Yeti Skull.png
Yeti Skull 0 Kill an ally
Apply 3 Snow.png Snow to enemies in the row
Azul Skull.png
Azul Skull 0 Kill an ally
Apply 4 Overburn.png Overburn to front enemy